polip – International Literature Festival
3rd Edition
10- 12  May 2013
Organized by Qendra Multimedia, Prishtina
in cooperation with BETON, Belgrade



Literature which takes place in the happy countries resemble each other, but literature written in the countries that are dominated by the ongoing crisis have their uniqueness, which can not be compared to anything. Thus sounded the paraphrase of Tolstoy’s famous speech at the beginning of his great family novel.

Separate communities, among which the communication has been interrupted due to the war, inter-ethnic conflicts, political tensions that last for decades, with occasional escalation of violence, cultivate two types of literature. One is nationally aware and used in the mission of building a state to protect national and territorial interests, while the other, the literature of minorities and the marginalized is trying to understand one side, and the other also.

As the the festival polip 2013 is organized by the two organizations from such environments, they will present in this years edition those authors with the experience of such a life and writings, where dealing with literature is not such a simple and comfortable thing to do. These days the news about the government’s response in Azerbaijan on the novel of their respected writer Akram Eylisli, who «had the courage» to write a novel about friendship with Armenians and the violence that was committed against them in 1990 in Baku, has been given to the world. The writer has been excluded from his community and they have started a “hunting season” towards him.

Things like this are not unknown to writers from Serbia and Kosovo. For this reason, the organizers of polip 2013 have decided to focus this year’s festival in Pristina on the topic of courage and personal responsibility of the authors.

The festival will gather authors of the region, including authors from Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Palestine etc.. During the festival there will be public readings, discussions on the topics of the literary status in separate communities or in terms of the ongoing political crisis. In the framework of the festival the special edition of the magazine Beton will be published in English, which will contain texts of the festival participants.